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Convert your sales calls into competitive intelligence to close deals faster!

Behavior Sales

Sales Insights provides Your Sales Team with a Competitive Advantage to Close More Deals by using Behavioral Intelligence Analysis of Every Sales Call!

What's the difference between Analytics Vs Insights? 

Analytics shares data of what happened.
Insights tells you what action to take from your data. 

Unlock Sales Opportunities

Sales Insights provides you with Sales Conversation Metrics that you’ve never had access to before. By leveraging our proprietary blend of Behavioral and Linguistic machine learning A.I.

Behavioral Intelligence interprets body language (non-verbal) in video calls. 

Linguistic Intelligence interprets what and how it was said.

Improve your sales conversations instantly with the Sales Pitch Analyzer. 

Discover if you're subconsciously sabotaging your sales pitch! 

Supported by Science...

The science behind the Behavior Sales Intelligence framework has been cited in over 16,000 scientific research papers. We provide you with access to the latest in proven and validated scientific methods, without the need for a P.H.D or big data scientist's. 

We use over 100 different linguistic models as part of our machine learning analysis. 

We created our own body language machine learning AI to assess body language.

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Who Sales Insights is For:

  • Sales professionals who want to maximize their conversion opportunities from every conversation.
  • Sales Professionals that want to improve their sales conversions.
  • Companies that want to improve the performance of their sales team.
  • Companies that want to provide real-time feedback loops to sales reps from every call. 
  • Companies that want to improve Sales Manager performance and remove the burden of manually listening to each sales call. 
  • Sales Trainers who want to improve their coaching services. 
  • Companies that want to unlock new sales opportunities within existing conversations. 

Who Sales Insights is NOT For:

  • Sales professionals who don’t record their sales calls audio or video. 
  • Sales professionals that don’t get transcripts of their sales calls. 
  • Companies that don’t want to improve their sales communication. 
  • Companies that don’t want to leverage a data-driven sales process

The Behavior Sales Method for Behavior Intelligence


Require managers to listen to sales calls
Implement expensive transcription software. 
Using OLD Sales Metrics
Record calls but do nothing with data. 
Long sales conversations. 
Salespeople confusion.
High Sales Team Turn-over.
Sales Scripts not converting
Unsure how to motivate the person. 
"Gut Feel" sales process.
Unsure how to connect with the prospects.


Data-driven sales process. 
Instantly understand a person’s intrinsic motivation. 
Instantly understand how to close the deal. 
Improve customer satisfaction. 
Higher Sales Conversions.
Increased Marketing ROI. 
Personalized Sales Conversations.
Provide realtime sales coaching. 

Instantly Improve your Communication

What's provided by Sales Insights? 

Sales insights provide you with over 100+ different behavioral & linguistic insights based on your sales conversations. Provide sales call metrics for:

Understand if the person was open to hearing your ideas, thoughts, or presentation. If a person is closed off, they are less likely to make a buying decision. 

Do you have the capacity to influence the person you are speaking with? Is there decision making process influenced by you? 

Do you understand what your speaking about and are you able to communicate this effectively. 

Nine measures that quantify levels of multiple aspects of cognitive processing and analytical thinking.

Does your words indicate you are trusting and are being trusted by the person your speaking with? 

Are you speaking authentically which in therefore impacting trust and your ability to influence others. 

Whether language is influential and leadership-like, or whether it is more passive and less persuasive.

Detects emotions and sentiment expressed in text. It is designed to score the emotions a person is expressing, which can include emotions they’re feeling in the present, emotions they've felt in the past or expect to feel in the future, or emotions they see or assume others are feeling.

Behavior Intelligence (body language) metrics:

Detect when there is a without objection that has not been verbally expressed. 

Determine if the person needs to be reassured about the the decision they are making. 

What are the words that are of most interest to the person your speaking with. What are their hot buttons that unlock a positive action or become the reason for a decision being made. 

Determine if the person is doubting the words they are hearing or the words they are saying. 

Drives can be strong predictors of individual or group behavior, offering insight into whether a person is driven by a need for achievement and self-actualization, a need for domination, a need for reward, a need to avoid risk, or if they are driven by a need to engage in risk-seeking behavior.

Imagine if you had access to this data from each of your conversations, how would that transform your conversations? 

How Does Behavior Sales Insights Work? 

1. Sync your sales calls (audio or video) 

That’s right you can sync & upload your zoom, GoToMeeting, Ringcentral,, Microsoft Teams, and many others call recordings. Sync via zapier, api, manual upload. 

  • Our system automatically transcripts audio files for analysis. 
  • Video calls are analyzed using our behavior intelligence AI. 

2. Call will be analyzed by Behavior Sales A.I

3. Access Insights Report (Seconds!)

Integrate this data directly into your CRM for personalized follow-up marketing. You'll access the Insights within minutes depending on real-time data processing or post call analysis. Call transcription takes 25% of the audio or video length. 

Sales Insights Works With:

How Sales Insights Helps You

Lead Generation

Identify a person’s personality traits by using their email, LinkedIn or Twitter. Allows you to personalize your marketing message to stand out from the noise!

Sales Conversation

Personalize your message to connect with each person’s desires & motivations. Helping you to shorten the sales cycle and increase your customer value.

Sales Conversation Insights

Using our real-time conversation AI analysis to identify body language triggers that can improve your sales conversions.

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