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Improve Sales Conversions & Shorten Sales Cycles 

By Using Personality Intelligence To Connect With People Faster.

Behavior Sales

One-Click To Know Your Prospects Better Than Your Competition In 15 Seconds

How Does Behavior Insights Work?
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Build Trust Faster, Influence & Persuade People Easier.
Companies that use Behavioral Intelligence improve their sales process.

Behaviour Sales Integrates Personality Intelligence Into Your Sales, Hiring And Training Process
Without Time Consuming Personality Tests!


Of Behavior Intelligence Users Closed More Deals


Larger Deals Closed when using Behavior Intelligence


Increase in Sales Rep Productivity

How Behavior Insights Works


Enter Email or Linkedin Profile URL


Let Personality Insights Analyze URL
(15 Seconds or less)


Instantly Access Personality Insights Report

Example Behavior Insights Profiles Below

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Use Behavior Sales AI To Improve Conversions!

Behavior Insights identifies body language triggers most salespeople miss in conversations to help you maximize your conversions.

Lead Generation & Qualification

Understand how to connect with prospects in a personalized way. Identify a person’s personality traits by using their email, LinkedIn or Twitter. Allows you to personalize your marketing message to stand out from the noise!

Sales Conversations

Personalize your sales conversations to maximize conversions. Use analyze conversation insights to unlock new opportunities to improve your conversions. Personalize your message to connect with each person’s desires & motivations.

Sales Conversions

Use Real-Time Insights to optimize closing scripts to overcome concealed objections. 

Helping you to shorten the sales cycle and increase your customer value.

Who Behavior Insights is For:

  • Sales professionals who want to authentically connect with people faster. 
  • Sales professionals who want to improve their influence. 
  • Sales professionals who want to optimize their conversations. 
  • People who want to effectively communicate with others. 
  • Salespeople who want to stand out from the noise. 
  • Managers who want to understand their team dynamics & motivate intrinsically.
  • Managers who want to hire the right people. 
  • People who don’t have time to complete personality assessments.
  • People who use video conferencing to sell. 
  • People who meet face to face. 
  • People who rely on relationship-based sales.

Who Behavior Insights is NOT For:

  • People who don’t believe in Personality Assessments.
  • People who need more than 90% accuracy in profile assessments.
  • People who don’t want to communicate effectively.

The Behavior Sales Method for Behavior Intelligence


Send generic “Spam” based messages to prospects.
Marketing seems generic and not personalized.
Spend time building rapport.
Long sales conversations. 
Multiple attempts to connect with people.
Unsure how to motivate the person. 
Unsure how to connect with the person.


Run Behavior Insights Profile (15 seconds).
Instantly understand a person’s intrinsic motivation. 
Instantly understand how to close the deal. 
Get referrals from happy clients! 
Personalize your conversations to authentically connect.

It's no longer an excuse to be people illiterate!


Prevent Communication Breakdowns...

Ever wonder... if it was something that you said that caused the deal to crumble? 

With Behavior Sales Behavior Insights, it's no longer a guessing game. You will know how to start an instantly effective conversation. Take the guesswork out of personalizing your communication to match someone else. Whether sending an email, social media request, or in-person conversation. Our personalized conversation scripts will help you optimize every conversation. 

Fast track your communication without the need for complicated personality assessment questionnaires!

Behavior Sales provides you with everything you need to optimize your sales conversations. Starting with our Behavior Insights solution. You can then take the next step with our Sales Insights solution to provide post conversation analysis using over 100+ variables. 

Sounds Magical But Does It Work?

Yes, it does, and here is how. 

Our Personality Intelligence AI uses Machine Learning and Computational Linguistics to process text. We can identify personality traits from your written or spoken word using linguistic analysis. We do more spoken word (video or audio transcripts) analysis in our Sales Insights solution. 

Our system converts your email address into your Linkedin and Twitter profile. We need 300 characters for our AI to make a prediction. More text results in higher prediction accuracy. 

Yes, this means we can analyze PDF files, resumes, and much more. 

The Behavior Insights system uses two personality frameworks. 1. DISC 2. OCEAN or Big 5 framework. By using both frameworks, we can provide advanced insights into human behavior. 

Remember your Linkedin or Twitter profile is part of your external mask. The personality/ identity you are showing the world is what we are assessing. Research shows each person displays a mask, a core self, and a mirror self. 

The Behavior Insights report's objective is to provide you with the ability to personalize yo


All My Selling Is Virtual, Will This Still Help?

Behavior Insights was designed to help people who sell virtually by saving you time and allowing you to discover a person's true motivations. 

Three of the biggest problems when selling to a person you never met before is;

  1. Discovering their motivations. 
  2. Understanding their communication style. 
  3. Understanding their decision-making process. 

With Behavior Insights, you can solve these 3 problems in 15 seconds or less by reading our report. 

This saves you hours you'd typically spend stalking people on social media to discover this information. 


This Seems Very Helpful, But Would It Be Easy To Use?

Our team is working to make using Behavior Sales as easy as possible. With our Zoom Plugin, Zapier Integration, or your ability to SMS our system to submit data. Behavior Insights can be integrated into your existing sales workflows.

Our Plans are simple

Only pay for what you use! We don't want you paying for things you don't want or need. That's why we have predictable pricing that works for ANY budget!

Behavior Insights

Access the entire Behavior Sales Intelligence platform and pay for your Insights reports on demand based on your usage.  All our plans are monthly or annual. *Annual plans include discounts and additional bonuses. 
3 Free Behavior Insight Reports 
Additional Reports $0.90 cents each 
Access Sales Insights Report - 40 minutes of Free Analysis per month
Access Integrations, API, Zapier, Chrome Extension, 
Free Personalized Onboarding & Fast Start Call
Access Behavior Sales Tribe 

All Plans Include

Behavior Insights On Demand

Create reports when you want on who you want using their Email or Linkedin Profile. 

Qualifying & Prospecting Tips

Gain insights into how to connect with these people and stand out from the noise. 

Negotiation & Closing Tips

Discover how to close people based on their personality type. 

Small Talk Tips

Discover how to have meaningiful small talk. 

Email Personalization Tips

Easy to Measure your page analytics

Profile sharing

Share you profiles with your team to personalize communication. 

Email Support

Access our support team to get your questions answered 24/7. 

Recorded Trainings

Access our training portal to learn how to master understanding personality intelligence.

API Access

Access our API to create your custom workflows for Report Processing.

Zapier Integration

Use zapier to creat custom worflows

Hiring Persona

Discover if personality traits match your job requirements. 


Access our community to connect with other like minded people.

Behavior Insights Works With:

How Behavior Sales Insights Helps You

Lead Generation

Identify a person’s personality traits by using their email, LinkedIn or Twitter. Allows you to personalize your marketing message to stand out from the noise!

Sales Conversation

Personalize your message to connect with each person’s desires & motivations. Helping you to shorten the sales cycle and increase your customer value.

Sales Conversation Insights

Using our real-time conversation AI analysis to identify body language triggers that can improve your sales conversions.

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